In The Air - Tools for Learning About Airborne Toxics Across the Curriculum
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in the airAdult Education Module

Module Overview

Many of the household products we use everyday contain toxic chemicals that add to air and water pollution and can damage human health. Through a fictional home improvement show and home tour, participants will learn of pollution prevention techniques and safer substitutes for chemicals we use everyday. In this activity, the audience will test homemade cleaners, learn how to read hazard labels, and participate in commercials with environmentally friendly themes. A take-home inventory is printed in the brochure so participants have a tool to help them eliminate potentially hazardous products they use within their homes.

Module Goal

  • To provide an opportunity for adults to learn how purchasing choices and home decisions impact indoor air quality and their personal and environmental health

Module Objectives

When this Activity is completed, the participants will be able to do the following:

  • Identify at least one strategy for reducing their exposure to household chemicals in each of the seven main areas of a home (kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, utility room, outdoors and garage).
  • Describe at least one safer alternative (homemade) cleaner to a commercially purchased cleaning product.

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